3 Idiots

December 26, 2016 Ramya M

This is a real life story from my hotel management days. Section D was in kitchen class. All three subjects of this episode were in rice preparation team. The day’s student head chef told them to fill a vessel with water to cook the rice. Three of them took the task upon them and selected a vessel which they then kept underneath the water tap. The tap was turned opened to its maximum capacity to ensure the water came with maximum force.


Time was precious so all of them felt this was the best time to speak about their favorite star-Arnold. Good 15 minutes over and the Head chef (after washing the heap of rice all by himself), looked around for the boiling water. Failed to find the water boiling in any of the burner he starts searching for the 3 idiots. There he finds them near the pot wash area, leaning against each other, coolly talking and laughing. The chef storms towards their direction and asks, “evide aada *@&@^@ vellam??” (translation- where the f*** is the water?)


One of them barks out: “can’t you see the vessel is still getting filled. What can we do if it takes so much time!!!”


Chef looks down and yes indeed the water was pouring, vessel was kept underneath the tap, yet the vessel was empty. He bends down a little and looks closely at the vessel.

Suddenly the class heard the loudest squeal of laughter and everyone starts moving towards the source. Head Chef is sitting down on the wet pot wash, holding his stomach and laughing his heart out. We looked clueless at each other as no one could really figure out what happened and neither would the head chef stop his laughter and say what it was.

After good 5 minutes later, the Head Chef picks the vessel from underneath the tap and hands it over to me.

“Go keep this vessel back on the shelf and get another one. Just make sure this time it is NOT a colander”, said he.

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