DD-Dazzling Diva

December 26, 2016 Ramya M

In one of my previous organizations I took the liberty to do a write-up on all my colleagues. These are instances in life you seldom or never come across when you are praised for creatively pulling someone’s leg and actually sharing your opinion about them. Yes! That even included my reporting boss and her reporting boss. Some may say it is too cool to be true; I would like to just give credits to my sheer luck.Today I am sharing my views about a person named DD (can’t risk disclosing her name). She is every reason I regret not acing my exams and really ignoring anything which was part of my school curriculum. As she walks down the long stretch in her usual tantalizing way, judgments are passed as to how much this spoiled brat must have spent her dad’s money over saloons and designer wear. Not until you know more about her, your assumptions may take you to places which are far from where she really belongs. Someone rightly said “don’t go by the cover of the book”; however in this case the results are surprisingly pleasant.


My first interaction with her wasn’t that memorable. {Mine mostly are never. I am best when I am silent and but ironically in my profession, I am required to talk.} She was in-charge of my induction and I was juggling with the thoughts of whether to open my mouth and act interested or to stare at nowhere and nod as I follow her steps. Within the first fifteen minutes I had already stamped her as “TDSO-Typical.Delhi.Show.Off”. Ironically within the next twenty minutes I lost my jaw as it fell down when she said “I graduated from St.Stephens”. When I finally I found my jaw I realized that the tooth came off as she continued “..and I am a passed out from IIM”. Since I was still recovering from the sudden shock, I could faintly hear the rest “..post which I got into the TAS”.


I tried to hide my sudden state of stupor as best as I could but with those three names in her resume, I bet she was smart enough to figure it out. Show off- Duh!!!Yeah Why Not!


I think that was the longest interaction that I ever had with her. Sometimes I have nothing to say, most of the time I mind my own business and at other times I just feel observing from a distance is always a far better option than being part of everything. Here is what I observed about her:


So we are looking at a woman who is well aware of her worth. She is in love with herself, no two doubts about it.


My boss once asked me “Whom do you love the most?”

Me: My Husband.

My boss: Liar. We only love ourselves the most.


I was puzzled. I wanted to retaliate and place a valid argument. However as my Libran mind began to fight my own belief, I realized that somewhere he was right. We are the ones we truly deeply really love. If I love my husband the most then it is because he married ME.


So if DD is sometimes labeled to be a “smug” & “arrogantly self assured”, I will give her points for being straightforward and real.


There is this shield she carries along to challenge anyone who does not know her well. Surprisingly if you win her attention for good reasons, she transforms-from sultry mysterious siren at the bar to a funky tomboy. An adept in numbers and its analysis, this Sagi lass is down to core “desi” with her love for Honey Singh and certain “I take my shirt off no matter what” Khan. Look further and you will see that she has consideration for other’s emotions, a strong belief in facts than fiction and an exceptional focus on what she wants.


A Love Fool like yours truly..DD is best when left to be herself and not be judged. I think we all are.

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