March 14, 2017 Dhiraj D

From the golden heavenly gates
I looked upon a man
Gazing down on everything great
He had achieved in his lifespan.
In his eyes, I could see his pride


In his eyes I could see his pride
Of a lifetime well spent
Good and bad he had taken in his stride
But never had waivered in his intent.


I asked an angel close to me
How did he stand so tall
Was he favored by the Gods to be
Had he been considered above us all?


The angel replied, “Instead of his worth
Let me tell you of the grand design
Why humans are created and sent to earth
And how you all are blessed by the divine


Every person is made of clay
But is bought to life by fire
This spark that lights your night and day
Giving you purpose and desire


The only thing you need to do
Is to fan this spark into a flame
This betters you and the world around you
While granting you fortune and fame


The difference between you and him
Is not because he was bestowed luck entire
You relied on dreams, prayers and whims
While he strove to turn that spark into a fire”

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