Who is a Frenemy? Is it Just a Term for Women?

April 10, 2017 Ramya M

This happened on International Women’s Day. A colleague, also a friend at work, pinged me to ask if I have completed a report we were supposed to submit the next day. I told her I haven’t started and enquired if she was anywhere close to completion. She wasn’t either. It is always a sigh of relief to hear that you won’t be the only one struggling to submit the report on time. 
An hour later an email from boss lists down the names of people who are yet to submit. It wasn’t a list. It just had my name on it. I looked at the girl and she pretended her best to act busy. 
I cursed the entire day and continued with my grumbling while at home, narrating the day’s horrible experience to my husband. When I was done with my blatant accusations of how she misguided me on purpose to earn brownie points, my husband scorned and shook his head. 
“I think you are over reacting. Maybe she was able to finish it quickly, expecting you would do the same.”
“No ways. She couldn’t have completed it in within an hour if she had to start from the beginning. She definitely lied to me, gave me a feeling that I don’t need to rush with my report. Why didn’t she tell me she is submitting? She obviously had hidden agenda. Some guts she has.”
“So now you are jealous that she thought of outdoing you and not the other way around? Didn’t you tell me last week that she is the only nice person in your company and that you have found a friend? So now there is no nice person left but you?”
I hate him. Did I really marry him? 
“We are still friends. I mean we still have a lot in common, but she shouldn’t have done this. All the more reasons why I should be friends with her. I can keep an eye on her.”
” What! So you are saying you want to be her friend because she is your enemy? You are Frenemies!!” 
“Noooo and stop laughing.”
“Of Course you are. All you women. You can’t be just friends. You always have reasons to compete and be jealous of someone, even if it’s your best friend. Do you get some sort of pleasure from being jealous?”
Ok seriously. Who is this man? Where is he hiding my husband???
“THAT is NOT true. It is not always and it is not just women. I have seen you being jealous of your friends.”
Blank. Damn it. I can’t think of anything.
“See! Ran out of arguments?”
I stood there staring at him playing FIFA, completely oblivion of the fact that he left me with another topic to worry about. 


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