Monday Morning Blues

March 6, 2017 Dhiraj D

You are lying in bed and looking up at the ceiling
The alarm next to you continuously screaming
Forcing this fact into your sleep deprived brain
It’s time to go to work again!


So you stretch yourself and then you ponder
Daydream and start to wonder
What could possibly happen today
So you could stay at home and not go away.


Aliens could arrive and invade our planet
Stop everyone from working and completely ban it!


The machines could strike and take over us all
Getting tired of our reboots and system installs.


Animals could riot and escape from the zoo
Trashing every office from here to Peru.


Gravity could reverse and we would all be in the sky
Too emotional to work, we’ll be telling the ground bye-bye.


Seas could start flooding every street and corner park
Forget that morning meeting, I’m now swimming with a shark!


Zombies could rise up for a breath of fresh air
Not just Monday, everyday would be a nightmare!


But then you realise it’s all in your mind
Nothing can stop the daily grind
You’ll just have to go in any event 
For tomorrow’s the day to pay your bills and rent!

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