My Favorite Demon

March 30, 2017 Dhiraj D

My favorite demon is the ‘Do-nothing’ demon.
He visits during the ‘Lie in bed and take it easy’ season

The one who convinces you to be lazy without reason

And makes you forget your ‘to-do’ list even.


He’ll wake you up late then will whisper and say
‘Buddy, even Rome wasn’t built in a day
You should relax and throw your worries away
Life shouldn’t be all hard-work and no play’


You’ll maybe think that you should make a start
On that thing you want with all your heart
But he’ll tell you “not that, come on, you’re smart
You should try procrastinating, now that’s an art!”


You’ll listen to him and become the best of friends
When he starts to leave, the day is almost at an end
He mentions “I promise to come by this weekend
Doing nothing was fun, here’s a lot of guilt until then!”

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