The Search

April 10, 2017 Dhiraj D

There goes my country searching for me again
Looking through lush forests and fields of sugar canes

Wondering if I am reliving my childhood climbing her treetops

Or chasing the monsoon clouds for their first raindrops.


So many festivals, could I be one among the crowd
Or am I on her highest peaks, caressing the clouds
Sorts through the boats dotting her great riverbeds
Not there, maybe on one of her pretty shores instead.


Could I have lost track of time walking through her villages and towns
Could I be spellbound somewhere admiring her jewels and crowns
She checks every castle, ruin and fortress walls
Sifts through the golden sand dunes and her gushing waterfalls.


She fails to find me admiring her melancholy sunsets
The melody of temple bells doesn’t lessen her regret
Like envoys of her beauty, stars come out at night
She wonders why I left her, why all this didn’t bring me any delight.

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